The sport of Mountain Biking, along with all the disciplines of cycling, is approaching a major crossroad that will change the landscape of cycling in Australia forever. This is the proposal to essentially dissolve all 19 (yep, 19!) governing bodies in cycling to form one, named “AusCycling”. All three major national bodies, MTBA, Cycling Australia (CA) & BMX Australia (BMXA), along with all State Federations (both CA & BMXA have 8 state bodies each) have the opportunity to close their doors and join a new, collaborative organisation where resources, knowledge all things cycling will be pooled.


Each national body has a slightly different way of electing to (or not to) join AusCycling since they all have different structures. As a MTBA affiliated club, Inside Line members will predominantly be MTBA members and here I will help you get the information and let you know how you can get involved. I encourage everybody to seriously consider their position and to vote accordingly as, although you may think this doesn’t affect you, this is arguably the biggest resolution the sport has ever faced and the future will be vastly different for all cyclists depending on the outcome!

As an MTBA member, you may have noticed a few emails with lots of information in your inbox recently. Here is a short list of the best documents you can read to get you head around what is happening!

More information, if you are interested, can be found here:

Unless you are heading up to the Gold Coast to attend the AGM in person (love your commitmnt!), you will need to cast your vote via proxy- which is super simple. Here is how:

  1. Download the Proxy Voting Form
  2. Print it, fill it out and sign it by hand
  3. Scan or photograph it
  4. Email the completed copy to

Forms must be sent before 11:00am (AEST) Thursday 28 November 2019.

The vote will occur at the MTBA AGM, which is scheduled for 11am AEST on Saturday November 30, 2019.

Please forward any questions you might have to the club email,, and we will do our best to respond promptly.

Written by Tyson Schmidt – Inside Line Committee Member