Inside Line is a club that prides itself on a fantastic history of managing risk, providing a safe environment for participants at events and responding to the latest advice from experts regarding the safety of our members. It’s this dedication to our members that has led us to employ specialist help from the Adelaide Concussion Clinic (ACC) to ensure we are looking after both visible and invisible injuries. The ACC is an initiative of a past Inside Line parent, Prof Matthew McDonald.

Our current concussion policy is simple: “If in doubt, sit them out”. This is derived from and in line with Sport Australia’s advice. This means that if at any point during an Inside Line event a rider is suspected to have a concussion, no matter how mild, the club reserves the right to withdraw the rider’s entry from the event.

Return to Sport & the ACC

In 2019 we will be trialling a Return to Sport Program with a view to making it mandatory for all junior members in 2020. The program will be facilitated by the ACC and allows us to better monitor the recovery of our members after a head injury. The program is centred around a state of the art computer based cognition testing program called Cognigram. Cognigram utilises a baseline test of athletes and allows the ACC to predict with more certainty and therefore safety, when a rider is fit to return to sport. The Cognigram program is currently used at AFL level by ACC doctors where its benefits are well established.


The initial baseline test is FREE! Inside Line is picking up the tab and we want as many members to get involved as we can. Ideally, everyone!

Should a member be unfortunate enough to sustain a concussion, there are some fees not completely covered by medicare. These are:

AppointmentGapWith Health Care Card
Initial consultation$70$40
Follow-up appointment$60$40

How to Get Involved

It is free for all Inside Line members to register with the ACC and to undertake the initial baseline testing. All you need to do is:

  1. Download and fill in the ACC form here
  2. Return form via email to
  3. ACC will contact you with instructions to complete the Baseline Testing

If a Concussion Occurs

The following flow chart outlines the return to sport procedure:

Return to Sport Flow Chart