New Events & Event Structure in 2023!

Last year we trialled the Club Cup, an event designed to be more casual and accessible than the State Series. This year, we are rolling it out as a series! To help you choose, here are some key features of both series’

Club Cup State Series
  • Single-day events
    • Morning practice
    • Afternoon racing
  • Milder courses
  • Less formality – just ride
  • Lots of mentors & support
  • Riders turning 11 this year or older
  • Two-day events
    • Saturday practice
    • Sunday practice, then racing
  • Challenging courses
  • Expect more regulations
  • Limited assistance available on-course
  • Riders turning 12 this year or older

Essentially, the Club Cup is a great place to go to learn the ropes and for a casual competition. The State Series is still a super friendly environment, but you will be mixing with the best riders in the state – you will be expected to be able to compete relatively autonomously, but of course you can always ask for help!

Please Note: Riders are welcome to participate in both series, so long as their riding level is appropriate. The race director at any event reserves the right to pull a riders entry if they are deemed to be riding below or above the intended level of that event. There may also be restrictions placed on awarded points to curb sandbagging and to ensure the competition remains at the intended level of the series.

This is a complete list of recent and upcoming events delivered by Inside Line. You can filter by category or check out the list of venues.

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Please note that we do our best to keep the details up to date, but the best place to find the most recent information and details about our events is on our Facebook and Instagram profiles.

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